[ Nxgraphics Engine ]

NxGraphics Multimedia Framework

NxGraphics is composed of modules for real-time rendering / game / Physics states.
NxGraphics – 3D Rendering – Animation – Scripting – Physics.
NxNetwork – Network Game-play synchronization.
NxSound – Audio driver – File streams – 3D spatialization – Audio plugins.
NxVideo – Video / Flash / Stream Texture Pool – Video Plugins.
NxMocap – Motion Capture Manager.
NxDevice – Device managment system.
RayCast Editor – Assets Management – Timeline – Editing.

NxGraphics integrates Nvidia physx for rigid / soft bodies, clothes, vehicules, Force Fields.

Sdk in progress here.

NxNetwork – Provides Network Management & Synchronization for the engine.

Immediate Tasks with Raknet / Ogre3D.
- Creation of Server / Client / Trackers.
- Target Platforms: Windows / Macintosh / Mobile Devices.
- Network Discovery / User Rights Management / Communication Management ( Chat, Multimedia Streaming, …)
- 3D Worlds / Dynamic Object Synchronization, Game States.
- Database Management for Users, Objects.
- Remote Control of Mobile Devices, Vice Versa ( Parameters -> Creation, Modification, Destruction ).
Protocol Development ( Nikita ):
- Use of a custom protocol derivated from Osc, see tuio.
Server / Tracker / Client topology to build.

Dynamic Object Creation.

The Network Plugin will support packets for Algorithms / Procedural Content Generation.
The content should be generated on the fly and enabled to be modified in Real Time in a multi user environment.
The main work-flow will start with Ogre3d and Raknet, creating a main server and clients with 3d object synchronization, we will need also to find a solution to load the worlds / download packages for clients and why not develop a world tracker, I think the influence could go through ideas from the main game development example when you play online games. the other part is also how to synchronize the world / dynamic object creation. any documents welcome to post on the repository.

Getting Started
Sdk Runtime Requirements.
Supported Platforms & prerequisites.
- Windows Xp or higher.
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) Here.
- DirectX End-User Runtimes (February 2010) Here.
Supported Compilers.
- For now only Visual studio 2008 sp1 is supported.
Supported 3D Editors
- Supported 3D editors are 3Dsmax, Maya.
- Download Ogremax For your 3d editor “Here”:http://www.ogremax.com
- Download Physx Exporter from the documents sections.
Download the Sdk and install it on your root Directory, ex : c:/NxGraphicsSdk
Open Visual Studio Solution NxGraphicsSdk.sln
Compile the solution in Release and/or Debug mode.
Building your Scenes : How to Export your Scenes.

Ogre 3ds Max Exporters
OgreMax .Scene Exporter
Supported Versions: 2011/2010/2009/2008/9/8, Maya 2011/2010/2009/2008, Softimage 2011/2010 and XSI 7/6, Ogre 1.6.5/1.7.1
Home Page: www.ogremax.com

Physx Scene Exporter http://developer.nvidia.com/object/physx_dcc_plugins.html

Real-time Shadow Algorithms and Techniques.
Nvidia Parallel-Split Shadow Maps on Programmable.

Nvidia Deferred Shading.
NVidia Summed-Area Variance Shadow Maps.

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