[ Raycast 3D Editor ]

Raycast – 3D Editor / Video Mixing Software – 2011

RayCast Editor is a modular tool for real time management and synchronization of digital media. The aim is to organize constructed story telling with the help of Video / Sound / 3D Graphics, motion tracking tools are used for the dramaturgy and character animation & virtual choreography. There may be multiple uses for a such tool that can focus on different aspects in 3D graphics such as building scenes, experiment video streams materials, shader developement, open source, 3d rendering engines, motion capture and Object physics interaction.

[ RayCast Editor 2011 ][ RayCast Editor 2011 ]

raycast is working with multiple=Raycast uses a layered system for overlapping video and 3d media. The principle is simple and plays with alpha opacity between layers,
raycast video effects with freeframeNxSound analysis phase and spectrumStk framework sound effects

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