[ Subway Layout ]

Subway Layout – Interactive Installation -2007

Interactive installation analysing and reproducing the lineal transformation of navigating in public spaces.  The piece navigates the architectural context of the metro in Prague. A continuum of images representing journeys on the metro, previously recorded from the beginning to the end of the line, bringing us into close contact with architectural details, textures and the travellers in the long tunnels.

The installation is covered by different media types, an interactive installation which enables people to navigate in the various subway video scans and audio records, and a photo part representing the full length of chosen scanned subway lines previously rendered.

Navigating through time and space

The user navigates in the installation through a device capable of seeking forward in time by turning the device to the right or by moving it on the left in order to seek backwards in time. The user interacts with the installation and is capable of seeking in time and space, other subway scans are viewable by clicking a button on the controlling device that enables you to switch from the subway of Berlin to the subway of Paris or Prague.
The users navigation history is continuous and is represented by a width undetermined picture growing on the right.

Amber10 – Datacity Festival – Istanbul – Turkey – 2010.
Biennial Of The Canary Islands – Tenerife – 2009.
E-Golems – Buenos Aires – Argentina – 2008.
Enter3 – Festival for Arts, Sciences and technologies – Prague – Czech Republic – 2008.
Ciant gallery – Prague – Czech Republic – 2007.

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