[ Vasarely 3D Project ]

Explore Online : http://3d.fondationvasarely.org

Created from the digitization of original plans, the project Foundation Vasarely 3D permits to navigate in the architecture with three dimensional technology, available on the Internet and mobile platforms. The project orient itself on the architecture and some of the works of the Vasarely Foundation, the architectural center of Victor Vasarely, founder of the op-art movement, which is at the origin of an original production, a major component of French artistic heritage.
Partners of the project:

Libat :
Big thanks to Pascal and Jakub for this amazing work, 3D modeling of the Vasarely Foundation (indoor, outdoor, work, etc.)., Textures, Lights, and Integration
Unity3D game engine.
(Pascal Silondi (FR), Jakub Grosz (CZ)).

Perspective[S] :Concept and project coordination.
Programming mobile platforms.

Plans and digital measurements, High Definition photography works.
M2F Créations: Project leader
Bype: Multi-touch technology.

Ecole supérieure d’art d’Aix en Provence: Artistic support.
French Ministry of culture and communication: Support for creation.

Prise de vue photographique par le CITS

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