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MuseoMix 2013: Musée Dauphinois [FR]
8-9-10th November 2013

MuseoMix is a annual event targeting to gather designers, lecturers, fabLabs, programmers, working together to rethink the potential of museums and their audience. The work gathers for a three day consecutive challenge, to remix an art piece or a place, to brainstorm divided by teams and produce a final proposition.

Le Musée dont je suis le héros !

More information about the project Here.

Les Déboussolés - MuseoMix - 2013Les Déboussolés - MuseoMix - 2013Les Déboussolés - MuseoMix - 2013Les Déboussolés - MuseoMix - 2013

The Team :
Battaglia Ophélie : Graphisme, Kyles Stéphane : Codeur, Liaut Jennifer : Contenu, Mor Stéphane : Fabrication, Reymond Guillaume : Communication, Rizzo Laurent: Musée, Huyghe Damien : Facilitateur.
FabLab de Lyon : Fabrique d’Objets Libres

Alcotra Innovation: Musée de la Houille Blanche [FR]
8-10th April 2013

Experimentation within three days in Lancey, at the Musée de la Houille Blanche, hometown of Aristide Berges, More on the Musee here. This project is in collaboration with Alcotra, Conseil General 38, La Cité Du Design, Erasme, BYPE and Perspective(S),
the blue team : Etienne Guiol, Giorgio Olivero, Cécile Garceau, Frédérique Virieux, Carole Darnault, Mario Chiesa, realized an interactive video mapping, a few screenshots :

Workshop Corps & Espaces [FR]

In partnership with the Ballet Preljocaj and the show “Helikopter” recreated by the
company. With Stephane Kyles, former student of the school, which specializes in
3d interface development, Visit the artistic practices of the body in an interactive …

Interactive floor projection systems
example of floor projection scheme with tuio protocol

Tools and material used during the workshop :
- A high framerate camera ( Sony XCG-H280E ).
- Optical lens wide angle ( Myutron 5 Mega Pixel – 5 mm ).
- Infrared lens ( M55 780nm ) & VCT-ST70I tripod for Sony XC-ST Series.
- An Intel PRO/1000 PT Single port Card.
- HiFlex GigE Cable 20 meters.
- A video projector ( Optoma Ex785 ), 5000 Lumens.
- OpenTsps- The Toolkit for Sensing People in Spaces.
- Processing – Processing is a programming language, development environment, and online community that since 2001 has promoted software literacy within the visual arts.

views from the infrared camera

Workshop 3D “Frontieres, ToolBox” [FR]

From Tuesday 17 to Friday 20 January 2012.
The workshop takes part of the “frontieres” Projet Managed by the IMéRA in collaboration with the academy of fine arts from Aix en Provence and m2fCreations. IMéRA is an Institute for Advanced Study, or IAS (Institut d’Etudes Avancées, IEA). This Art / Science project of two years ( 2012 / 2013 )  will propose a research on geolocation and borders ( politic, virtual, topologic ) and their mutation. The workshop will focus on borders and their history, use of 3D techniques for realtime navigation with real geographic data ( Elevation maps ). Navigation / TelePort / Télé-Communication / Réseaux / Frontières.
Use of Autodesk 123D catch for Photo Modeling, use of Google Sketchup Pro for the Warehouse 3D Library and terrain elevation, Use of NxGraphics for real time rendering.

Links :
The CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information ( CGIAR-CSI )
SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Data, The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) obtained elevation data on a near-global scale to generate the most complete high-resolution digital topographic database of Earth. SRTM consisted of a specially modified radar system that flew onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour during an 11-day mission in February of 2000.

WorldWind Exporting Surface Imagery and Elevations Demonstrates how to use the SectorSelector utility to save a selected region of surface imagery and elevations to a GeoTIFF file.

MICRODEM displays and merges digital elevation models, satellite imagery, scanned maps, vector map data, GIS databases

Workshop in Vsenory [CZ]

From Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 th November 2011.
In Vsenory, Středočeský Kraj, Czech Republic.
Workshop topics:
Experimental Network Instrument Development (complex OSC & MIDI data networks for performances and real-time improvisation)
3D scanning (real-time – KINECT, Photography to 3D)
3D mapping – real-time video and 3D geometry mapping on various objects, structures and humans…
More :
Adobe Project PhotoFly -  Photo Scene Editor.
OpenNi – Kinect Point Clouds.
Nvidia CG Shaders.

People :
Jakub Grosz
Stephane Kyles
Pascal Silondi
Jorge Boehringer

Hand detection software [CZ] 2008

Bought some PointGrey Firefly high framerate camera’s for LivDucci [CZ] installation in the Prague airport, you can see the developed software in action here.
At the time touchscreens were out of budget, they would have dramatically simplified the installation. The goal was to interact with the screen, so were installed 2 point grey camera’s for X and Y tracking, made with iR background substraction and OpenCV.