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[ Mapping Yes ! 2011 ]

Top-notch quality music entertainment with expert bartenders, top artists brought in from the international electronic scene, striking interiors, latest visuals technologies (3D mapping), high quality lights and sound system by Funktion one. Yes Club is undisputedly the hottest nightspot in the city for a night out In Prague. More info about the program and line up Here

Working closely with Deminka Palace hotel, Yes club offers seven days a week, from 8.pm till late, a large selection of most attractive cocktails, original drinks, and special rums for the best prices in the center. Located in the heart of Prague, next to IP Pavlova and Namesti Miru station, in the basement of the historical building “Deminka Palace”; Yes Club offers a blend of ancient architecture, and a creative design. Yes Club has an indoor capacity of 400 people and occupies an area of more than 500 square meters with three related parts; the cocktail lounge area, the main floor and the mezzanine with several VIP sections for an intimate chat.

The Video Mapping concept in the Yes Club was to provide a new vision for the clubs, with the help of lighting techniques such as video mapping and media synchronization of Video / Sound / light.
The idea was to propose a permanent installation that consists of two video mappings, at the entrance and the main stage for DJs.
The system is composed of two computers connected via network for media manipulation and the full installation is remotely controllable through mobile interfaces (Android, Ipad, Iphone).
Software on each conputers acts like a media server that stores videos, allows video playback, synchronizes Midi events issued the audio mixer, and sends OSC data to different light systems in the club.

[ 3D Mapping Visualization ]

The dance floor features a projecting structure made of polystyrene triangles made by designer Michal Kowalczuk, and a Benq video projector 4200 ansi lumen projects the post production of several artists ( Michal Kowalczuk, NxGraphics, VjLuper…  )

The mapping system is remotely controllable via Osc protocol, to control light effects, but also control the video bank. The paragraph below describes the process for communication between mobile devices and the dedicated video server based on the Osc protocol. A network is installed in a location providing wireless connection to any device supporting the wifi protocol, in this case the media server with installed Raycast in order to receive the osc commands. On mobile device will have to use TouschOsc, an interface with custom widgets to trigger events based on the Osc protocol.

Light Control Panel based on TouchOsc

The widgets are presented as buttons, sliders, and text areas for easy manipulation of the remote task device. The interface can be customized with an editor provided. the command Id for each widgets are customized in this tool.
Next visualizations for the hall 3d mapping :

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